March 18, 2017

Kelly Oubre, Jr. Bobblehead

So as it turned out for me, March 2017 was Washington Wizards bobblehead month. The first Wizards home game this month on the 3rd vs. Toronto featured the only bobblehead freebie of the season in a Kelly Oubre, Jr. bobblehead. That same night by coincidence I also picked up the 2016-2017 G-Wiz Kids' Club bobblehead of Bradley Beal. All that of course means two bobblehead posts this month. Read on! We'll start with the Oubre bobble and get to Mr. Max Deal a little bit later this month.

Every once in a while the Wizards hit it out of the park on the fun scale with their bobblehead promos. They did it over a decade ago with the Gilbert Arenas talking bobblehead (mine still talks) and followed it up with the DeShawn Stevenson bobble-HAND a couple of years later to celebrate D-Steve's "I can't feel my face" move after each big shot he hit during a game. This year's Oubre, Jr. bobble falls into the same category. Nope, it doesn't talk and it doesn't have a waving hand but it does have real hair. Well, not real hair but simulated real hair, not hard plastic molded hair. Every once in a while, you just gotta do something different. And this something different works for me.

But the best part of the giveaway may be the video the Wizards released of Kelly Oubre talking about himself in miniature plastic bobble form. Kelly's super into this thing, which is not unexpected since KOJ loves to comment on this sort of stuff and has the enthusiasm of a little kid sometimes which is really refreshing in the league he plays in. Not everyone has it.

The video can be accessed in the link in the tweet above. And because Kelly's so juiced about this thing, I thought I'd give my comments on one of the latest additions to my bobblehead collection as a point by point response to Kelly's narrative.

"See the hair? Oh, that's cold, man! And the hair is soft, just like mine, too."
Kelly's right. The hair is exceedingly soft, although I'm going to have to take his word for it that it's just like his. The hair is clearly the best part of this bobblehead but the shaved portions on each side remind us that this is a giveaway. These areas are sloppily painted. The right side of my Kelly bobblehead's head (shown above) has a sideburn that comes to a point; the opposite side of the head is cut square. And if there's an honest complaint about this bobblehead, it's that the back of the hair is not dyed like Kelly dyes his; it's all black and that's just not correct. Again, free. I get it.

"See the short shorts, too?"
For sure, this thing has some short shorts, which is the most noticeable Kelly-ism about his gameday dress once you get beyond the hair. I wondered last summer if they'd go with the short shorts on what I predicted would be the G-Wiz Kids' Club bobblehead this season. I was wrong about the Kids' Club, but right about the shorts. This sort of a detail proves people are putting thought into these things. Bravo on this one, Wizards!

"They got the low-cut socks."
Honestly, it's a testament to how much Kelly thinks about his on court style that he's focused on the length of his socks. I quite frankly just missed this one but I guess he does wear low-cut socks. The socks on my John Wall bobblehead from last year and last year's Otto Porter Kids' Club bobblehead are all appreciably higher than they are on bobblehead Kelly.

"They got the little chin-hair I got too. It's pretty dope!"
No way does Kelly Oubre have this much facial hair. They got it in the right place on his face but there's not enough fuzz on Kelly's face to warrant this much on his mini-bobble likeness. I guess if they proportioned it correctly, we'd have to use a magnifying glass to see it. This shot above of Kelly's face shows the impressive intense hazel eyes in addition to the all too thick 'stache and goat. And in typical free bobblehead fashion there's some stray paint on the face that I just can't remove because it would lose its treasured free quality level.

I'd been waiting for March 3 all season ever since I first saw the promotional schedule and the Wizards did not disappoint on this one. I've put Kelly on my bookshelf next to John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Marcin Gortat (in action figure, not bobblehead, form) and head coach Scott Brooks. Finally I got a full lineup of current players again.

Told you I called the short shorts. Appreciate the shout out from Rory Harty eight months after I tweeted.

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