May 31, 2018

Closed For The Summer

It's May 31 and I'm still throughly fed up with the Washington Wizards 2017-2018 season so as promised, I'm shutting this blog down. For the summer. You will not see any blog posts from me in June or July for sure and likely August as well. Maybe I'll be back in September. Maybe.

Yes, I know there's plenty of Wizards and NBA stuff going on in that span for me to write about. I don't care. This cap-strapped Wizards team loaded with poor contracts that refuses to adapt to the modern NBA has made me stop caring for the summer. I'm taking some time off.

Good luck with the Draft, free agency and Summer League. Please don't sell draft picks for cash this year and then insist that this is the roster that's going to make a run at an Eastern Conference Championship. This team finished eighth this year. EIGHTH!!!

I can already predict that the team is getting ready to fire up a "we are going to stick with the roster we have; the only reason we didn't perform that well last year was John Wall was hurt" message to fans. I'm not buying it. Not this summer. You did this to me, Wizards. From the top of the organziation to the last man on the bench.

Have a nice summer. Please. In the meantime, go Caps! Go Mystics!

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