February 22, 2016

CBS Loves The Wizards

Last week on this blog, I called out CBS for it's shabby mistreatment of the Washington Wizards (before later admitting they probably had every right to dis the Wiz) on one of my favorite network shows, Madam Secretary. Well apparently, I spoke or wrote too soon. I really should watch all of CBS' shows in any given week before I make such sweeping accusations. Turns out the Wizards got some love last week on one of that network's other Washington, D.C. based shows.

As I mentioned last week, I'm not much of a network TV guy. However, I do know someone who is an expert in this subject matter and last night she brought to my attention that NCIS, the NUMBER ONE RATED SHOW ON TELEVISION according to the Neilsen ratings folks, gave some love to the Wizards in their broadcast last week. Now I don't know the show much at all except from what I can read on closed captioned re-runs which sometimes play in my building's gym when I'm working out so forgive my clumsiness with the characters. After all, I really have no idea who's who.

Last week was the show's 2016 Valentine's Day themed show. Towards the beginning of the episode, Michael Weatherly's character Tony DiNozzo was complaining about the commercialism of V-Day and the expectations placed on men to get things just perfect every year when he utters the following line (and yes, I'm putting it in a separate paragraph in bold and in larger font just like I did last week):
"You know what I'd like just once? Somebody to come up to me and say Happy Valentine's Day! Go to a Wizards game!"
Now this show is more like it, CBS! I love this stuff. Although honestly, I don't have time to add another show to my week so I'm not going to watch future episodes necessarily. I'm just now getting up to speed on the new Hawaii Five-O since I got back from the islands. CBS definitely has my attention big time already right now.

Anyway, last week's episode sprinkles this Valentine's Day stuff throughout the entire plot where Mark Harmon's group is investigating a death in a deep sea vessel until the Wizards crop up at the end where Weatherly is given what he really wants, a ticket to a Wizards game. He ends the episode with (in bold and large font again):
"Look at that: a Wizards ticket. Best Valentine's Day ever!"
Sounds right to me. Thanks for restoring my faith, CBS. I think I should shut up about the Wizards on network TV shows.

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