February 19, 2016

CBS Mocks The Wizards

I'm not much of a network TV guy. I mostly watch sports (i.e. Wizards and NBA playoffs) and HBO's various series in addition to a movie now and then. In fact, until a couple of years ago, I hadn't really watched any sort of network (and by network I mean ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC) television show at all for years and years. But recently I've been convinced that there might actually be something worthwhile watching for free on my cable system (free meaning at a cost of about $100 per month that is) so I've started paying more attention.

One of my favorite current shows is Madam Secretary, which follow Tea Leoni in a sort of Hillary Clinton-esque Secretary of State role solving crises for the United States both internationally and here at home in Washington, D.C. I like the show because it's set near to where I live but also because I think the plots are relevant to recent news events and I think the cast is pretty good. The first season was way better than the current shows but what else am I going to watch at 9 p.m. on a Sunday evening?

So I'm fresh back from the All-Star break and a 10 day trip to Hawaii and I'm catching up on my DVR-ed shows when a disturbing sequence occurs at the McCord (the last name of the Tea Leoni's character) house on Madam Secretary. Her three kids are complaining about their mom working late again when their dad (played by Tim Daly) mentions that their mom's job comes with a lot of perks. The response from their oldest daughter is (and I think this is worth putting in a separate paragraph in bold and in larger font) as follows:
"Box seats to the Wizards is not my idea of a perk."
Whoa! Back up a second. What?!?!?! Lest residents of D.C. and the fictional Secretary of State's family need reminding, the Wizards are actually the most accomplished of the four major Washington sports teams over the past two years. Yes, I'm deliberately narrowing the sample size here to suit my argument. The Washington Capitals, Washington football team and the Washington Nationals have all made a single appearance in the postseason the last two years and the Nats and the football team have failed to advance beyond the opening round. Although admittedly the football team won a division title.

The Wizards, on the other hand, have been playing in each of the last two NBA playoffs and have advanced to the second round each year. In addition they probably have one of the most dynamic players in the sport (John Wall, in case that wasn't obvious) putting on a show on a nightly basis in the beginning of his prime. And box seats to the Wizards are NOT a perk? I'd be there every night if I had access. Shame on you, CBS!!!

Admittedly, it is difficult to overcome 35 years plus of mostly mediocrity (at best) though so I really can't fault CBS for this cheap laugh at the expense of my favorite team of all time. Sigh!

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