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In 1999, I moved from upstate New York to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Less than a year later, I converted my professional basketball allegiance from the New York Knicks to the Washington Wizards, bought Wizards season tickets and began the process of becoming an obsessed fan of the local hoops team. In 2012, still a season ticket holder and more committed than ever, I started writing this blog.

This is not a blog about the Washington Wizards or basketball. It's about me and how being a fan of the Wizards affects my life. It's not about breaking down basketball strategy or plays or scouting other teams or any of that stuff. It's just about me being a fan. It's about watching games and agonizing over losing or winning. It's about stupid stuff like collecting bobbleheads and basketball cards and in general how I schedule my life around the smallest Wizards related activities. But it's also about the places that my interest in the Wizards takes me, whether that be thousands of miles from home or to a bar near the Verizon Center. The Wizards are one of my greatest passions in life, for good or bad, and this blog embraces all of that.

The Wizards are not my only interest in life and that will hopefully be evident in this blog. Every so often I'll sneak in some posts about other things that I love, probably food, music or travel. But when I do, I'm likely writing about these subjects because they relate to the Wizards or where my interest in the Wizards takes me, either literally or metaphorically. I can't promise I'll tie everything back to the Wizards, but I'll do my best to stay honest. Go Wizards!

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