April 11, 2016

The Pixel-And-Roll Show

For those three or four people who read this blog but either don't follow me on Twitter or are not friends with me on Facebook, I had the opportunity last week to join Adam McGinnis of Truth About It on his regular podcast, The Pixel-And-Roll Show. Download it here and beware the 77 minute length.

This was a great opportunity for me and Adam to look back on the 2015-2016 Wizards season, lament what was and speculate on the future. We also got into my thoughts on Randy Wittman, Ernie Grunfeld, traveling to games, the state of the team's relationship with season ticket holders and a few more topics.

Yes, there are too many "so"s and "you know"s from me in my dialog. First time jitters I guess. I'll try to clean it up in the future if I ever get the chance again.

Thanks once again to Adam for asking me to participate. Follow Adam on Twitter at @adammcginnis.

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